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Guidelines for peer-reviewers


The review process is an important part of the publication in scholarly journals. It helps an editor in taking the proper decision on an article and also enables the author(s) to improve the manuscript.

This academic journal operates a double-blind peer review system.

Before accepting to review a manuscript, reviewers should make sure of the following aspects:

• The manuscript is within their subject of expertise.

• The review of the manuscript can be dedicated in the allocated time.

Review reports

In reviewing process, reviewers should concentrate on the following items:

• Originality of the manuscript

• Scientific contribution to the area

• Technical value

• Clearness of presentation

Review Form

The Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development (JEASD) uses a special review form, which is  

to be filled in by the reviewer. The form can be downloaded from the follwing links:

                Review form (PDF)                                  Review form (word document)

Also, peer reviewers should:

• Examine that the author(s) have followed the instructions for authors, editorial policies and publication       ethics.

• Examine that the appropriate journal’s reporting guidelines is followed.

  • Not allow their decision to be affected by the nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors, or by business concerns.
  • The report of the peer reviewer should be unbiased, objective, useful and clear. Comments should be supported by facts and constructive arguments with regards to the content of the manuscript. Reviewers should avoid using aggressive, insulting and harsh comments.

Reviewers should not rewrite the manuscript; however necessary annotations and suggestions should be made.


Reviewers should only agree to review manuscripts that they are certain that they can dedicate appropriate time in reviewing. So, reviewers should review and hand manuscripts back at exactly the right time.