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About the Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development

The Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development is a scientific peer reviewed open access Iraqi journal published by the College of Engineering/ Mustansiriyah University, under the auspices of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The first edition of the Journal was published in 1997 under the title (Journal of Engineering and Development) and aims at publishing engineering research for the purposes of scientific innovation and enrich the scientific area at presenting ideas and results of investigations of researchers in different engineering disciplines. The journal publishes one volume each year. Each volume contains 6 issues, one issue every two months. Each issue includes nearly 15 articles in either language Arabic or English.

The title of the journal was changed from the Journal of Engineering and Development to the Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development in March 2016.

Administrative Structure
   1. Editor-in-Chief is an academic staff member of the College of Engineering/ Mustansiriyah University.
   2. Editorial Board: Faculty academic members of high academic titles in different specific scientific areas         that covered by the journal. 
3. Editorial Manager: is an experienced academic staff member.

The Journal is funded by
    A- Submission fees are paid by the researchers for processing and reviewing of the manuscript.
    B- A subsidy is received from the College of Engineering/ Mustansiriyah University.

    C- The financial return of the sale of the offprint copies.
    D- Donations and grants that approved by the editorial board of the journal, and must be                               consistent with the Journal policies.