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Jeasd has published Volume 20 (2016) issue No.5 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds

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1-A comparative study of human faces recognition using principle components analysis and linear discriminant analysis techniques
             Anas Fouad Ahmed

2-Asuggested analytical solution to dynamic characteristics of a plate due to effect thermal loading
             Dr. Husam A. Kareem ,  Dr. Muhsin J. Jweeg ,   Dr. Shaker S. Hassan

3-A study for the causes of variation orders in different sectors of construction projects in erbil governorate from the point of view of the involved parties
                 Aksana Jihad Mohammed

4-An Experimental Investigation Upon The Effect Of Oxygen Enrichment On The Laminar Burning Velocity Of (Iraqi Lpg – O2 – N2) Mixtur
               Dr. Jalal M. Jalil1 , Dr. Fouad A.Saleh  , Shaymaa Y. Ibrahim

5-Pore formation during sintering of two different composites materials(fe-cu)&(fe-cu-c) and its effects on wear behavior
         Dr.Khansaa Dawood Salman , Dr.Muhannad Zedain Khalifa , Asifa Mahdi Mohammd

6-Biometric keystroke recognition based on hybrid svd and wavelet for feature transformation
     Assist lecture. Zeina Waleed Abaas

7-Design and implementation of a higher level electronic security lock
      MSc. Ayad Qays AbdulKareem

8-Evaluation the performance of treated base layer on critical responses of flexible pavement
        Dr. Zainab Ahmed AL-Kaissi , Dr. Ali Jabbar Kadhim  , Eman  A. AL-Ghalebi

9-Behaviour of wide reinforced concrete beams with different shear steel plates spacing
      Dr. Amer M. Ibrahim , Dr. Mohammed J. Hamood ,  Ahmed Abdullah Mansor

10-Selecting of an effective adsorbent for treating phosphate contamination
        Ahmed Hassoon      Younis Swadi      Lahieb Faisal       Ali Qasim

11-Applying sustainability principles in the selection of building materials for buildings construction
         Dr. Entisar K. Al-Geelawee  ,  Dr. Alyaa Hammadi Mohsin

12-Analysis and mitigation of hand arm power tools vibration
         Jumaa S. Chiad , Bashar A. Bedaiwi  ,  Mohannad Yousif 

13-Calculation of moisture expansion coefficient of the above knee prosthetic socket lamination materials
         Dr. Jumaa S. Chaid  ,  Dr. Fadhel A. Abdallah , Ibrahim Mohanad Jalil

14-Design, simulation and analysis of an intelligent lead-acid battery charger fed by solar system
           Hussain S. Maraud  , Dr.Isam M. Abdulbaqi  , Ammar I. Majeed

15-Improvement of shear strength parameters of model organic soils
        Dr. Adel Hameed , Dr. Madhat  Shakir ,  Zainab Hadi Sadiq

16- تقييم ادارة المخاطر للمشاريع الانشائية في محافظة ديالى باستخدام تقنية افضلية النظام بالتشابه مع الحل المثالي TOPSIS
نضال علي جاسم