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Jeasd has published Volume 21 (2017) issue No.4 which has 16 reserch papers in diffrent engineering feilds.

English Content                       Arabic Content

1-Constructors and Destructur in Object Oriented Programming
        Nadia Moqbel Hassan

2-Design an Optimal Pid Controller With Nonlinear Function Using Bacteria Foraging Optimization for Single Flexible Link Robot Manipulator
      Dr. Ekhlas H. Karam , Noor S. Abdul-Jaleel, Rokaia Sh. Habeeb

3-Experimental Comparison Between Flexural Cracks Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete and Normal Concrete Beams
      Ali Farhan Atshan

4-Design and Performance Analysis of An On-Grid Photovoltaic Power System Under Iraqi Solar Circumstances
      Dr. Ali Jafer Mahdi      

5-Geological and Parcels Pecies Depended Sugessted Route Road
      Wafa Khudier Leabi

6-Repeated Impact Response of Sandwich Composites
      Aidel Kadum Jassim

7-Removal of Lead (Ii) From Wastewater Using Peas Husk Waste
      Narmeen Abdul Wahhab Alhamawindy

8-Influence of Acidic And Salt Media on The Fatique Behavior of Composite Materials
     Ammar Fadhil Hussein

9-Evaluation of Rutting Susceptibility of Modified Asphalt Binder
      Dr. Abdulhaq Hadi Abedali

10-Elimination of Zinc from The Contaminated Soils By Electro-Kinetic Remediation
       Laith Hamdan Hawal

11-Experimental Behavior of Rpc Hemispherical Domes Under Concentrated Load and Sitting On Four Supports
       Dr. Mohammed M. Rasheed , Dr. Layth A. Al-Jaberi, Nadiyah Kherallah Abd

12-The Effect of Methanol Blended With Gasoline on The Performance and Vibration of Spark Ignition Engine
      Dr. Fouad Alwan Saleh , Dr. Fadhel Abbass Abdulah , Hajir Haitham Labeeb

13-Simulation of Radio Frequency Identification Based Library Management System
      Abbas Saleh Hassan , Raoof Talal Hussein

14-Active Filters Synthesis to Simulated Ladder Networks and Feedback Circuits
      Dr. Muneer Aboud Hashem

15-Effect of Adding Nano – Powder on Composite Pipes Behavior Subjected to Multi Stresses
      Dr. Fadhel Abbas     Ehsan Sabah Al-Ameen       Fatima Abd Al Majaid Mahmoud

16- تطبيق النموذج الكسوري في تجزئة الصور الطبية
       د. مها عبد الامير كاطم