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Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development Vol. 22, No.02 (Part -5), March 2018 

The fourth Scientific Engineering and First Sustainable Engineering Conference 

 English Contents                                                         Arabic Contents


1-  Design Optimization of A Hybrid Hydro-Wind Micropower System For Rural Communities

     Dr. Amer Mejbel Ali, Dr. Sameer Saadoon Algburi, Dr. Mohammad Abdelmajed Aljaradin             

2-  The Effect of Biaxial Static Loads on Crack Behavior In Different Composite Material Samples

     Ehsan Sabah Al-Ameen

3-   The Effect of Diesel-Alcohol Blends on The Cold-Start Combustion of A Compression Ignition Engine

       Dr. Ahmad Muneer El-Deen Faik

4-  Structural Behavior of Reactive Powder Concrete Voided Cylindrical Shell Segments

      Ashraf Abdulhadi Alfeehan, Fatima Ismail Al-Zubaidi      

5-  Transformerless Photovoltaic Microinverter

     Dr. Turki Kahawish Hassan, Enaam Abdul Khaliq Ali

6-  Sustainability of The Concrete By Using Recycled Waste Materials

     Dalia Adil Rasool, Mais Abdulrehman Abdulkarem ,Mohammad Ali Abdulrehman

7-  Eco- Friendly Polysulfone Tricomposite for Dual Protection from UV Rays

     Dr. Raouf Mahmood Raouf, Khalid Murshed Owaid, Nisreen Mizher Rahma

8-  Power Consumption Improvement For Green Cellular Mobile Communications

     Dr. Adheed Hasan Sallomi, Dr. Musa Hadi Wali

9-  Analysis of Solar Radiation Data In Circular Model Based on Natural

     Neighbour Inverse Distance Weighted

      Nasir Ahmed Al_awad, Ghusoon Idan Arb 

10- Experimental Study on Properties of Pervious Concrete Pavement Comprising Sustainable Material

      Dr. Nagham Tariq Al-Shafi’i, Dr. Shakir Falih Al-Busaltan , Ali Adnan Abdulwahid

11- Sustainable Transport Analysis For Students And Staff At Engineering College - University of Al -             Mustansiriyah In Baghdad City

     Dr. Nahla Hafidh Jawad Al-Saadi

12- Leaching Behavior Of Gypseous Soils

      Dr. Yasir Mawla Al-Badran, Dr. Ahmed Abd Al-Azal Al-Mufty,Dr. Isam Hamed Nashat

13- Study The Effect of Microwave Heating on Physical Properties of Asphalt

      Dr. Haider Salman Mohammed , Wathiq Kareem Saleh , Raad Yahya Faleh

14- Beneficial Role Of Glass Wastes In Concrete – A Review

      Dr. Sheelan Mahmoud Hama, Mohammed Tarrad Nawar, Dr. Abdulkader Ismail Al-Hadithi

15- Low Shrinkage Sustainable Bio-Based Polyol For Rigid Polyurethane Foam Production

         Harith Hasoon Al-Moamer        

                ابعاد الاستدامة في العمارة المتنقلة العائمة-1

                يأ.د أسماء محمد حسين المقرم, زينب سعد مهد