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Jeasd has published Volume 22 (2018) issue No.5 which has 20 research papers in different engineering fields

English Content            Arabic Content

1-Behavior of Self Compacting Concrete Subjected To Sulphuric Acid
    Dr. Mohammed Mosleh Salman, Dr. Luma Abdul Ghani Zghair

2-Effect of Added Varied Angle Winglet To Enhance Heat Transfer In Heated Channel
    Dr. Aseel Khleel Shyaa

3-Numerical Investigations of The Thermo-Hydraulic Characteristics For Turbulent Flow Channel With Quadruple Plain And Modified Twisted Tapes Inserts
     Dr. Muna Sabah Kassim, Dr. Fouad Alwan Saleh, Saud Tameem Taher

4-Experimental Studying The Effect of Adding Styrene Butadiene Styrene Polymer (Sbs) on The Mechanical Properties of Hot Mixture Asphalt
     Dr. Ali Fadhil Naser     Abeer Hashim Falih

5-Structural Behavior of HS-SC Reinforced Concrete Beams With Longitudinal And Transverse Openings Strengthened With CFRP Laminates
    Dr. Yaarub Gatia Abtan, Hussain Dhafer AbdulJabbar

6-Three-Dimensional Analysis For The Effect of Piles Geometry And Arrangement on The Dynamic Response of Piled Raft Foundation
    Dr. Mahmood Rashid Al-Qayssi, Dr. Saad Faik Al-Wakel, Ihab Ghaleb Abdulwahhab

7-Power Factor Improvment For Cement Factory
    Tawfeeq Enad Abdulabbas

8-Design And Implementation of Heated System With Monitoring Based on Bluetooth Technology
    Riadh Adnan Kadhim , Abdul Kareem Kasim Abdul Raheem, Sabah Abdul Hassan Gitaffa

9-Effect of Steel Fibers Ratio on The Structural Behavior of Domes
     Mohammed Mohammed Rasheed , Layth Abdulbari Al-Jaberi , Nadiyah Kherallah Abd

10-Preservation The Heritage Values of Iraqi Traditional Houses
     Dr. Ali Abdulhussein Al-Ghalib, Dr. Laith Sadiq Al-Assadi

11-Behavior of Shell Foundations on Sandy Soil Reinforced With A Circular Geogrid
     Dr. Sawsan Akram Hassan, Dr. Madhat Shakir Al-Soud, Shahad Abd Alkareem Mohammed

12-Numerical Solution of Distributions For A Fluid Velocity, Pressure And Temperature Along Flow Path For A Non-Conventional Machining Method
     Dr. Basima Salman Khalaf

13-Behavior of Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Beams Containing Steel Fibers And Recycled Coarse Aggregates
      Lubna Mohammed Abd

14-Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability Indicators of Northern Rustimeh
Wastewater Treatment Plant In Baghdad, Iraq, Using Simapro7.1 Program
      Dr. Mohammad Ali Alanbari, Mais Salim Muter

15-Effect of Using R-22, R404 And R-407c on Performance of An Air-Conditioning System
     Abeer Hashim Falih

16-Three Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport Upstream of Al-Betera Regulator-Iraq
     Dr. Thair Sharif Khayyun, Nezar H. Mouhamed

17-A Cheap Zilog Mp Applied To Spread Spectrum Systems Design
      Dr.  Rajaa aldeen Abad  Khalid

18-Improvement of Compressiblity Charcteristicsof Natural Organic Soils
      Dr.Adel H.Majeed, Dr. Abbas A. Al Zayadi, Jasim M. Abdul Abbas

19-اهم العقبات التي تواجه المخطط الاساس
       د. حسن فيصل جعفر

20-الاستعمال المختلط ودوره في الاستدامة الحضرية
      د. اشواق فاضل مخيبر