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Jeasd has published Volume 24 (2020) issue No.4 which has 12 research papers in different engineering fields.


            English Contents                                                             Arabic Contents


1. Effect of Current -Welding on The Corrosion Behavior of Low Carbon Steel (1020) Tig Welding Joints 

H. Majeed Mohammad

2. Digital Cyber Forensics Contribution For Email Analysis

Sally Dakheel Hamdi, Abdulkareem Merhej Radhi 

3. The Effects of Adding Nano ZrO2 on The Physical and Some Mechanical Properties of Cement Paste 

Ahmed Hussein Ali, Mohammed Ramaid Gharkan, Sarmad  Imad Ibrahim

4. Heat Transfer Inside Building- Cladding Solar Collector

Ahmed Mohsin Abdulmalik, basim Freegah, Basima salman khalaf, Mohammed H. Alhamdo

5. Environmental Performance Evaluation of Some Industrial Firms Due to ISO 14031 Standard

Mohammad Ali Al-Anbari, Nagam Obaid Kareem, Hala Emad Al-Hashimi

6. Mobile Robot Motion Control Based on Chaotic Trajectory Generation

 Ammar Ibrahim Majeed

7. Robust Hybrid Features Based Text Independent Speaker Identification System Over Noisy Additive Channel

Ali Muayad Jalil, Fadhel Sahib Hasan, Hesham Adnan Alabbasi

8. Nano - Silica (SiO2) Contribution to Mechanical and Microstructural characteristics of High Performance concrete Pavement

Nahla Yassoub Ahmed, Fatimah Fahem Alkhafaji 

9. A comparative Study About Lithium Bromide-Water and Lithium Chloride-Water Solutions in Pumpless Absorption Solar Cooling Systems in Iraqi Circumstances

Noora Abdalwahid Hashim, Muna Sabah Kassim

10. Torsion Enhancement of Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Box Beams Using Internal Framed Steel Stiffening Ribs

Sabah Hashim Muhammed, Ali Hameed Aziz

11. Evaluation The Effect of Waste Low-Density Polythlene and Crumbrubber on Physical Properties of Asphalt

Yassir Abo Almaali, Shakir Al-Busaltan

12. النزعة الذاتية في التوجهات الفكرية للعمارة والأزياء 

امنة باسم محمد صالح