The Benefits of Data SGP

The SGP is working towards its first goal of analysis of shale geochemical data from the Neoproterozoic through Paleozoic. This is a significant effort by the SGP community to assemble or generate multi-proxy sedimentary geochemical data (iron, carbon, sulfur, major and trace metal abundances, and trace metal isotopes) for each time slice in Earth history and migrate it into permanent data repositories. This represents a huge leap in scale from previous work but, when compared to analyzing global Facebook interactions, it is relatively small potatoes.

The primary benefit of data sgp is to provide a platform for sharing and accessing geochemical data. It allows researchers to build models that can be used for predictions of the composition of Earth’s crust and to test theories of the evolution of life in the Neoproterozoic through Paleozoic. The SGP is a major step forward in the development of geochemical databases and in advancing scientific research.

In order to maximize the benefits of the SGP, it is critical that users understand what data sets are available, how they should be prepared for use, and the implications of making choices about how data is stored. SGP has developed a set of tools, called the SGPdata package, that help with this process and include exemplar WIDE and LONG format longitudinal student assessment data sets to facilitate user understanding.

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